Courses Offered

To facilitate more effective learning, We have three main class offerings


Learn Tajweed With levels from beginners to advanced

These classes focus on learning the language, reading, writing, expression and grammar

Naazirah Quran

the proper recitation of Quran and familiarize with the recitation of Quran

Learn the proper recitation of Quran and allows the student to familiarize with the recitation of Quran

Quran memorization

Memorize parts of the Quran or its entirety

To memorize the Quran is to become a leader of the Islamic community and an inspiration


Learn Taleem-e-Balighan
(Education for Adult)

Learn Taleem-eBalighn onlin in the light of Quraan & Sunnah of Mohammed Mustafa (SW)

Arabic Language Course?

We exclusive providing Online Arabic Language Classes for All Schools, Inter & Degree students.